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    Your Third Ear

    Your third ear helps you out of a bind, clarifies for you what was just said, and repeats the punch line of a joke.

  • hearing loss and alzheimers

    Hearing Loss and Alzheimer’s

    Strong evidence exists that hearing impairment contributes to the progression of cognitive dysfunction in older adults.

  • Hearing Healthcare

    Questions you may want to ask before purchasing a Hearing Aid.


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Here’s what we know:

We actually don’t “hear” with our ears! We actually hear with our brain. When one has hearing loss, the connections in the brain that respond to sound become reorganized. Hearing aids can restore the normal organization of connections to the brain’s “sound center” with sound stimulation to sounds that it had been missing and cognitively process them.

Why Cincinnati residents come to us…

Our practice was founded on the age-old principle that the patient always comes first. You will not feel pressured. We take the time necessary to do a thorough evaluation and make recommendations based strictly on your needs.

We know that your hearing aids need to be the right type, the right size and the right fit to be successful. Without this outstanding commitent, many people would go on living with their hearing loss and miss all the wonderful experiences life has to offer.

We strongly believe in the benefits of education. We explain to each of our patients the benefits and use of each type of hearing aid technology before the purchase, and provide ongoing proactive service after the fitting.

Barb Rozzo & Amanda Hoffman, Audiologists









Barb Rozzo & Amanda Hoffman, Audiologists

Why are we different?

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations for Adults
Custom Hearing Protection, Musicians molds, swim plugs
100% Digital devices
Technology from the Leading manufactures in the industry.

“You can trust that Hearing Consultants will provide you honest, reliable,  sincere care.”

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with the very best personalized hearing care. Our commitment is to help you reach your maximum hearing potential. Our staff members are dedicated to serving you with professional care and personable service.

Test Your Hearing

Test Your Hearing

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