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What is the Levo System and how can it help with tinnitus?

The Levo System is an FDA and CE cleared medical device offering custom tinnitus sound therapy. This is a patented night time therapy approach that is unique to other therapies available on the market today. The system is comprised of a Manager device, Patient device, and custom universal high-fidelity ear buds.

The Levo System relies on the brain’s natural processes of neuroplasticity and habituation. Neuroplasticity allows us to learn new things with practice, like riding a bicycle or speaking another language, and habituation allows us to get used to something like the feeling of the shoes and socks on your feet or a seatbelt against your body.

Working with the premise of habituation and neuroplasticity, a sound match is identified and created to “match” the patient’s unique tinnitus sound. This is done with the Manager device.

The sound match is the basis for tinnitus treatment therapy. The patient listens nightly to the sound match using an iPod touch and custom-fit (or universal) ear buds. Progress of therapy can be tracked over time. With the data logging feature, the sound evolution, duration of therapy, and frequency of therapy can all be tracked over time. In addition, the Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) is embedded and scores are tracked within the system.

Multiple scientific studies have been conducted to confirm the efficacy of the Levo System, as well as to validate the science behind the approach to nightly therapy.

Independent double blind random study link below: – 60 patient random trial – 2017 AJA

Why the Levo System differs from other therapies:

– Is specifically designed for use during sleep because this is when the brain is especially receptive to habituation

What is Habituation?

  • Minimum 90-day therapy duration
  • Can match the unique tinnitus sound of each individual
  • Allows the Audiologist or loved ones to hear the exact tinnitus sound the patient experiences
  • Tracks patient use and response to therapy using smart technology
  • Exclusively integrates the Tinnitus Functional Index to subjectively measure and monitor tinnitus impact over time
  • Uses Apple mobile digital devices and custom-fit or universal ear buds