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You might think that the only way to receive quality hearing healthcare is by going to a clinic and meeting with us face to face. Well, not anymore. Here we present two ways in which we can continue to provide care outside the office: At-home concierge services and telehealth services—one method taken from the past; the other taken from the future. 


At-home concierge services

A long time ago, hearing aids were initially offered as a door-to-door service. We’re aiming to bring this service back. If you have physical limitations, are too busy to come to the office, or want more space than we can offer in our office, this is the perfect way to get the help you need in a familiar, comfortable environment.

From hearing tests to comprehensive fittings, we can provide a range of services in the comfort of your home.

Why should you book a home visit for your hearing healthcare?

Convenience: For many people, a home visit is often liberating. It means freedom from the reliance on friends, family, or caregivers for transport. You can receive the help you need in the comfort of your own home.

Accuracy: When we fit your hearing aids in your home, we calibrate them to the most widely used sound setting. As most people use their hearing aids mostly in their homes, there is no better place to test and fit your hearing aids!

Personal service: When we visit you, all of our attention is focused on you. You’ll get the same level of service you would than if you were in our office.

Hearing Consultants offer a customized, caring hearing service tailored to your needs. Our committed professional team is here to provide answers to any concerns you may have.



It’s hard to stay on top of your hearing health — and it gets even harder when you’re not able to visit your hearing specialist in light of current events. Our telehealth services are for you if you’re sheltering in place or want to take more precautions. 

Our Telehealth service helps you to see, hear, and have an in-depth conversation with one of our hearing experts – much like a typical visit to the office. Get the same standard of care and treatment wherever you are.

Programming of hearing aids is a crucial part of what we do. According to a recent survey of hearing care practitioners, over a fifth of patient visits are spent on programming changes, making these services some of the most critical that we offer. Through Telecare, we can access and adjust your hearing aid settings directly without needing to visit the office.


Home is where the sound is

It takes time to get used to a new pair of hearing aids — you’ll have to make several adjustments before you’re satisfied. 

By adjusting your hearing aids as you wear them in your home, we address the environment you are in every day. We can measure the degree of ambient noise and see where you live. We take into account the acoustics of the room you’re sitting in. All of these subtle signals help us provide you with the most accurate settings.

Our Telecare services will be most useful if:

  • You have restricted mobility: We agree that any health service that comes to you is appreciated, whether you are homebound or in assisted living facilities.
  • You live in a remote area: Telecare helps us to expand our coverage beyond our workplace. You are never too far from receiving the treatment that you deserve.

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