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Bluetooth technology amplifies meaningful sounds to your hearing aids, such as speech or music, while reducing unwanted background noise wirelessly. This technology is available in many but not all models of hearing aids. Bluetooth capable hearing aids have the ability to connect to many devices including your cell phone. The Bluetooth streaming takes into consideration your hearing loss, and through the processing of the hearing aid, will amplify the frequencies of the sound.

Why should I use Bluetooth hearing aids?

One of the best benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids is that you will be able to hear through both hearing aids simultaneously while talking on the phone or using other devices such your tablet or television. This ensures a strong and clear signal to help with clarity of speech or music. If you use your cell phone to stream music or take phone calls using a Bluetooth headset, the Bluetooth hearing aids will take the place of your headset. You may notice that you can understand conversations on the cell phone at a lower volume or without the need to use speaker phone.

If you have difficulty hearing the television even with your hearing aids, bluetooth accessories will wirelessly connect to your hearing aids and bring the sound to both ears, resulting in improved clarity. There is no need to purchase additional listening/amplification devices, such as TV Ears or TV amplifiers on top of the cost of your hearing aids. Streaming allows for hands-free conversation and the ability to listen to the TV at the volume you want, while those around you can listen at the volume most comfortable for them.

Is it necessary to use the Bluetooth feature on my hearing aids?

The Bluetooth feature of the hearing aid is not for everyone. Please contact our office to talk to our Audiologists to help decide if this feature would benefit you in your daily life.