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Widex, founded in 1956 in Denmark, is known for making high-quality hearing instruments that focus on more of what the wearer needs to hear. When dealing with wind and other background sounds, their hearing aids make it easy to distinguish between conversation and background noise. Widex is one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers, with products sold in over 100 countries.

Widex has always been a technological innovator in the industry. Christian Topholm and Erik Westermann founded the company in 1956 in Denmark. The company achieved several firsts:

  • In 1995, the first digital in-the-ear hearing aid was released.
  • The company produced the first hearing aid, especially for babies, in 2010.
  • They produced one of the first hearing aids to uses machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • They released one of the smallest receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids in 2008.

Widex Evoke

The Evoke was the first real-time machine-learning hearing aid in the world. It learns your listening habits and improves sound quality as time goes by. Evoke learns about your interests as well as those of other users around the world. Widex uses this anonymous data to create an ever-improving hearing experience for all users. Get it now and benefit from improved hearing every day!

Evoke also provides automatic sound processing, organic sound reproduction, and performance in various demanding listening environments with the Sound Class technology. The premium styles also feature direct iPhone compatibility as it is a “Made-for-iPhone.”

Via an easy-to-use mobile app, you can choose the sounds you want to hear, putting you in control of your hearing experience. Evoke will automatically adjust to your needs and the environment in real-time for those who don’t want to adjust settings.

The Widex EVOKE hearing aid family comes in four different technology levels and colors, with various solutions to suit your lifestyle, hearing loss level, and budget.

Widex Beyond

The Widex Beyond hearing aids are based on the UNIQUE platform and feature a 2,4 GHz Bluetooth interface for simple ‘Made for iPhone’ integration. This means you can play audio directly from your phone to your hearing aid, including phone calls, podcasts, music, and streaming services. There are no additional components needed to stream Apple phones. To stream from Android-based smartphones, you’ll need an intermediate streaming system.

The Beyond software will monitor your hearing aids from a smartphone through ‘Geotagging,’ which means your favorite settings will be loaded automatically any time you reach a specific location. You can also use the app’s location services to locate your hearing aids if you misplace them. The software also enables a hearing specialist to make changes to your hearing aid settings remotely without visiting a hearing practice.

The Beyond is available in three output levels: 220, 330, and 440, and each includes the following features:

  • you can stream audio through Apple devices
  • improved voice comprehension of noise using directional microphones.
  • Improved directional noise reduction.

Those who need wind noise reduction must select the 440 output level to receive this benefit.

Widex Unique

The Sound Class Technology system on the Widex Unique divides listening environments into nine different sound classifications to respond to each user’s sound environment better. It searches the sound environment for specific elements and decides who the most appropriate speakers are. When there is key speech detected, the system focuses on audibility. When there are no essential speakers noted, the device tries to provide a more well-rounded sound.

Wind noise reduction technology is also included in the Unique, reducing wind noise and making speech easier to understand. A Noise Reduction system ensures that speech sounds are retained. In contrast, unnecessary sounds are eliminated, making it easier to hear speech.