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Signia’s history begins with a different name. Werner von Siemens formed a business in his name in 1878 after discovering that electricity can be used to amplify voice signals. He developed an improved telephone receiver after noticing that many people with hearing loss had difficulty understanding the phone. This was to be the start of Siemens. 

From these modest beginnings, the company grew to become one of the world’s most renowned in the field of electronics. Siemens is known for designing the first electronic hearing aid with two directional microphones and inventing the first behind-the-ear hearing aid in 1959.

The company’s name has since been changed to Signia, which retains the original company’s high engineering standards. The newly updated Signia plans to continue this tradition of delivering world-class hearing technology to those in need.

Signia has a proven track record in the field of hearing aid technology. The organization uses its insight and expertise to develop cutting-edge hearing technology for tomorrow’s consumers. This is reflected in their Binax and Primax hearing aid lines’ high quality and their new hearing aid models and features.


Signia hearing aid technology

No matter your lifestyle, budget, or hearing loss needs, Signia has a solution for you. Here are a few of their most well-known technologies.

Own Voice Processing (OVP): Most hearing aids cannot naturally process the user’s voice, resulting in an unusual, distorted sound. The OVP technology from Signia enables users to accurately reproduce the natural sound of their own speech while wearing hearing aids.

Ultra HD e2e: Binaural beam-forming technology allows for precise speech comprehension under challenging conditions.

Xperience platform: The Xperience platform blends sophisticated acoustic sensors with cutting-edge motion sensors to create a matchless sound experience. This technology allows Signia hearing aids to analyze the wearer’s diverse soundscape and make seamless adjustments with a personalized listening experience for sounds in front of and around the wearer. 

Lithium-ion rechargeability: Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries can last up to an entire day of hearing with only one charge. Lithium-ion technology will power all of the best features of Signia hearing aids with 40% more power than conventional rechargeable batteries.


Signia Active Pro

The pioneering Signia Active Pro rechargeable earbuds create a whole new category in the hearing industry. They deliver top-level audio with the ease and looks of a Bluetooth headphone.

Standard hearables or earphones are inferior to Signia Active Pro earbuds because Active Pro is an advanced hearing aid uniquely customized to each individual wearer. In contrast, simple hearables usually amplify all sound.


Signia Styletto X

The Styletto, powered by Signia’s new Xperience platform, offers a technology and sophistication level not seen in previous hearing aids. The Styletto is designed for an active lifestyle, combining elegance, comfort, and flexibility without sacrificing style.

  • Unique style: The Styletto X design model features a unique slim-RIC shape that deviates significantly from traditional hearing aid styling and shaping. This is made possible by the Styletto X’s lithium-ion rechargeable rod-shaped battery, much slimmer and sleeker than standard hearing aids.
  • Cutting-edge motion sensors: Styletto X uses special acoustic-motion sensors to fine-tune your hearing experience so you can hear better in any situation, whether you’re taking a stroll with a friend or checking in for a flight in a noisy airport.
  • A dedicated mask setting: This unique feature compatible with all Signia Xperience hearing aids equipped with Bluetooth (such as the Styletto X) allows hearing aid wearers to better understand what those wearing face masks are saying.


Signia Pure Charge&Go X

The Pure Charge&Go X is a Bluetooth receiver-in-canal hearing aid that combines the Signia Xperience platform’s advantages with lithium-ion battery technology. Users will appreciate that it can last the whole day, even while streaming their favorite content. Pure Charge&Go X also has a rocker switch and a new inductive charger for even more convenience.


Silk X

This completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid has been redesigned to be one of the world’s most discreet hearing aids. Hearing aid wearers no longer have to choose between size and efficiency with the new Silk X. With this new redesign, the already tiny Silk hearing aids have been made even smaller, and they are now better than ever.


Signia Motion Charge&Go X

This is the world’s first rechargeable super power hearing aid, with a run-time of up to 61 hours per charge and delivering uncompromised hearing. The all-new Motion Charge&Go X means that people with severe to profound hearing loss won’t feel left out of all that Signia hearing aids have to offer.