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Phonak is a giant in the world of hearing technology, having manufactured hearing aids for over 70 years. Since its founding in Switzerland in the late 1940s, Phonak has been expanding the limits of what hearing aids can do.

Phonak is committed to delivering high-quality hearing aids while also prioritizing individuals’ needs when developing new technologies. With quality and reliability at the core of their philosophy, Phonak has consistently created some of the most popular and user-friendly hearing aid products in the industry.


A History of Phonak Innovation

In 2018, Phonak shocked the hearing aid industry by releasing the Marvel, the first hearing aid capable of streaming stereo audio directly to and from any Bluetooth device without using an intermediary streamer. No other hearing aid maker had previously been able to address the problem of connecting to a Bluetooth system.

Before Phonak launched Marvel, direct stereo streaming was only open to iPhone users. To connect their phone to their hearing aids, Android users had to purchase a separate streaming adapter. With Android accounting for 86 percent of the global smartphone market, Phonak opened up direct-connectivity Bluetooth to many hearing aid users worldwide.


The Marvel platform

The latest Phonak hearing aids are powered by the Marvel platform. No matter where you are, the latest Marvel technology offers excellent hearing capacity, speech comprehension, and sound quality. All of Phonak’s cutting-edge technology has been brought together into one platform.

  • AutoSense OS: Phonak’s proprietary technology recognizes and adapts to evolving listening environments more accurately than ever before.
  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology: This cutting-edge Phonak technology was built on the premise that two ears can hear better than one.
  • Direct-connectivity Bluetooth: Like any other Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, Marvel can connect directly to your iOS or Android iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to stream audio of any kind.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology: Get a full day’s worth of listening with streaming without changing the battery.


Phonak Paradise

The Phonak Audéo Paradise is the product of decades of technical expertise, artistic vision, and unwavering commitment. It symbolizes their passion and commitment to developing a hearing aid that is the best choice for everyone, regardless of their lifestyle.

The Phonak Paradise follows the critically acclaimed Phonak Marvel, the company’s best-selling hearing aid for the past two years. Bluetooth connectivity to more devices, on-board motion sensors, “air touch” features, and a new operating system are among the latest improvements for the Paradise.

  • PRISM: The Audéo Paradise is the first hearing aid to use Sonova’s new PRISM sound processing chip (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management). In any situation, the hearing aids have a crisp, natural sound.
  • Motion sensors: The Paradise has an ultra-low-power motion tri-axial accelerometer that supports various new hearing performance features. The accelerometer works to amplify your conversational partner’s voice over any other sounds that may be present.
  • AutoSense OS 4.0: The latest AutoSense OS 4.0 uses artificial intelligence to optimize and produce superior sound quality.


Phonak Marvel

The Phonak Marvel is the perfect mix of outstanding sound quality and built-in Bluetooth connectivity. It features excellent sound in any listening environment thanks to Autosense OS 3.0.

  • Music, ebooks, and other audio content can be downloaded to both ears from any Bluetooth system.
  • On both iPhone and Android devices, calls can be fully hands-free thanks to built-in microphones.
  • A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides a full day of sound with only one overnight charge.
  • Fine-tuning and live voice-to-text telephone transcriptions are possible with the included app.


Phonak Virto B

The Phonak Virto B-Titanium is the company’s smallest hearing aid. It embodies Phonak’s passion for creativity and creative engineering design and combines performance, functionality, and aesthetics into one attractive package.

The Virto B has over 1,600 biometric sensors that monitor how the wearer hears, making it one of the most personalized hearing aids available.

According to the website Engadget, the model has wowed industry insiders, earning it a CES 2020 accessibility award.


Phonak Lyric

The Lyric is the first and only extended-wear, 100% invisible hearing aid. It has been in use for over ten years.

While traditional hearing aids absorb and process sound outside the ear, Lyric improves and offers a complete, natural listening experience by using the natural ear structure. Its proprietary extended-wear technology, long-lasting battery, and moisture protection offer superior sound quality in a range of hearing environments, from the pool to the golf course to the boardroom.