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Oticon, one of the world’s most popular hearing aid manufacturers, has been developing high-quality hearing aid products for people with hearing loss for over a century.

“People first” is their motto, and it reflects precisely what motivates them to develop their products. The Danish company is known for its discreet and well-designed hearing aids that use cutting-edge technology.

Age, processing ability, listening environment, prior hearing aid experience, and personal preference are all considered when designing Oticon products, resulting in a highly customized fit and greater satisfaction for a wide variety of users.

Oticon continues to raise hearing aid design standards through regular research at the Eriksholm Research Institute.


A storied history

The company arose from a man and his quest to help his wife live her best life. Hans Demant traveled from Denmark to England to buy a hearing aid for his hearing-impaired wife. After being inspired by others in his immediate vicinity who needed hearing aids, Hans Demant began selling hearing aids to people across the country. 

The company is now one of the most popular hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Here are some of the well-known inventions for which they are well-known.


The BrainHearing difference

BrainHearing technology is used in many of Oticon’s best hearing aids.

When hearing loss is present, BrainHearing technology focuses on compensating for what is lost by preserving natural sound mechanisms in the brain and allowing both ears to work together to identify where sounds are coming from. 

BrainHearing technology preserves as much of the ambient sound environment as possible, which is critical for determining where to direct your attention. Simultaneously, it prioritizes speech over other sounds to help the wearer differentiate between voices and background noise. The result is a more natural listening experience with less effort.


Oticon More

Oticon More is the first hearing aid on Oticon’s new Polaris platform, launched in early 2021. It builds on its predecessor’s success, the OPN S, which was named one of the best hearing aids of 2020.

  • A Deep Neural Network: The Oticon More hearing aid is the first to use a Deep Neural Network (DNN) embedded on the chip. This artificial intelligence ensures that you will always hear the subtleties of the sounds around you.
  • MSI (MoreSound Intelligence): This feature enhances the way sounds are interpreted and works seamlessly no matter the listening environment. MSI gathers the sound scene’s intricate details and processes them with more excellent contrast, balance, and clarity than ever before, scanning the soundscape 500 times per second.
  • Improved noise comprehension: The human brain is the gold standard for sound processing, which is why the Oticon More was built to function more like the brain. Oticon More uses BrainHearing technology to give the brain what it needs to make better sense of sound.


Oticon Opn S

Since it is powered by the Velox S platform, this model builds on the previous model (Opn) with much faster sound processing. These improvements work together to get speech understanding up to par with normal hearing abilities.

  • OpenSound: The OpenSound Optimizer technology is one of the most recent additions. This allows you to increase the gain by up to six decibels without fear of feedback. This allows the Opn to provide the brain with up to 30% more speech signals.
  • Made for iPhone: The Opn S is designed specifically for Apple devices, allowing it to stream content directly. The ConnectClip accessory can be used to connect to other smartphones.
  • Rechargeable: The Opn miniRITE R is a lithium-ion-powered hearing aid that can last an entire day on only one overnight charge. 


Oticon Xceed

The Velox S platform underpins the Oticon Xceed series. They’re Oticon’s first hearing aids for serious to profound hearing losses to include the OpenSound Navigator, improving amplification without whistling or feedback.


Oticon Ruby

This recent addition to Oticon’s technology line offers excellent sound quality, updated features, and affordability. It combines outstanding sound quality, absolute rechargeability, and secure wireless access into a single package that’s affordable for today’s hearing aid users.