Why are People Ashamed of Hearing Loss?

Why are People Ashamed of Hearing Loss?

Are you living with untreated hearing loss? It can be hard to admit to yourself and to others that your hearing isn’t as sharp as it once was. You’re worried that your loved ones might think of you as old, or that your friends will treat you differently. Wearing glasses is nothing to be ashamed about, so why are changes in hearing seen with such negative stigma that people choose to live with untreated hearing loss rather than finding a solution for their hearing needs?

Social Stigma

Why are people ashamed of hearing loss? The answer is that people are worried about facing the social stigma of hearing loss. Hearing loss is an invisible disability, and many people are afraid of being singled out if they talk about their hearing loss. Unlike a vision impairment, where everyone can see that you wear glasses, hearing loss doesn’t have any clear markers. We don’t realize that, just like vision problems, hearing problems can affect people of all ages, including children, teens, and adults.

The social stigma around hearing loss is centered in the false belief that only seniors struggle to hear, and you may be worried that admitting to hearing loss will make you seem old. You still feel young, and don’t want others to think of your as old.

Living with Untreated Hearing Loss

If you feel ashamed about your hearing loss, living with untreated hearing loss will exaggerate the problem. You’ll feel embarrassed to ask people to repeat themselves, and worried you might draw attention to your hearing loss by mishearing a question or answering inappropriately. You may choose to stay home rather than meet your friends, for fear that they will discover that you can’t hear, and view you differently. Living with untreated hearing loss can lead to social isolation, and feelings of stress, anxiety, loneliness, and even depression.

When you have untreated hearing loss, people may think you’re being rude. When you’re in the store, for example, someone may come up behind you and say hello, or ask to pass you in the isle. When you don’t hear them or respond, you’ll appear to be ignoring them, and those around you could get annoyed at your behavior. This leads to more discomfort, and you’ll stress even more about your hearing loss.

Treating Hearing Loss

Do you want to appear rude, withdraw from your social life, or live in fear that someone may discover your hearing loss? The best thing you can do for your physical, mental, and hearing health is to treat your hearing loss early, and shake off the social stigma of hearing loss. Educate your family and friends about hearing loss, and remind them that 40 million Americans of all ages have hearing loss. The benefits of treating hearing loss include strong relationships and a healthy social life. You won’t need to ask people to repeat themselves, but can easily follow conversations, even in challenging listening environments. With hearing aids you’ll be more active, and feel confident in every situation.

Hearing Consultants

Do you struggle to hear in places with a lot of background noise, or feel stressed about your hearing when you’re doing errands, or walking your dog in the park? Call us today at Hearing Consultants to book an appointment for an initial hearing test. A comprehensive hearing test will give us a clear picture of your unique hearing needs, and help you identify the listening environments where you have the most trouble hearing. Work with our team of expert hearing health specialists, and find the hearing aids with the programs and settings that will help you hear when you need it the most.

Hearing Consultants

At Hearing Consultants, we have a wide selection of the world’s best hearing aids, including sleek behind the ear devices and nearly invisible hearing aids that sit within your ear canal. Whatever your level of hearing loss, power requirements, or hearing needs, we have a range of devices to choose from, and will calibrate the programs to match your exact needs. No one will notice your hearing loss, or think that you seem old. The only thing people will be noticing is how well you can hear.  Don’t wait any longer, or allow your hearing loss to get worse, but visit us today to start your journey to clear hearing.

When to Get New Hearing Aids

When to Get New Hearing Aids

If you’ve had the same hearing aids for a few years, it may be time to consider getting new devices. On average, hearing health specialists suggest that you get new hearing aids every 3 to 5 years, but this varies as your hearing needs change, and while your devices could last several more years, you may also need to replace them sooner than you were expecting.

Changing Hearing Needs

If you’ve been wearing hearing aids for a while, you have enjoyed several years of clear hearing. Have you noticed any recent changes, or found yourself struggling to hear from time to time over the past month? Your devices helped you in every listening environment when you first got them, but now you’ve started to struggle with hearing loss again. Just like the first time you experienced hearing loss, you may not notice right away that something has changed, and it will be several months before you realize that you’re straining to hear. That’s why regular visits to your hearing specialist, and annual hearing tests, will help you monitor your hearing health.

Changing Lifestyle

Think about the listening environments you encounter over the course of a normal week, such as meeting friends in a restaurant, having dinner with the family, chatting with coworkers, or talking on the phone. Do your devices help you hear in all these situations? Are you satisfied with their performance? If you’ve had any lifestyle changes in the last year, you may need to get new hearing aids. Starting a new job, retiring, welcoming a new member into the family, or taking up a new hobby could create listening environments that your hearing aids can’t adjust to. It’s common that your hearing needs will change over time, and the device that was perfect for you 5 years ago may not be doing the trick anymore. Changing hearing needs and lifestyle can indicate that you need to get new hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Experience Wear and Tear

Have your hearing aids needed a lot of repairs in the last few months? Hearing aids can last for years, but after a while they do start to malfunction more often due to normal wear and tear. The life of hearing devices is shortened depending on your lifestyle and maintenance habits. For example, during humid months, or when you’re very physically active and your hearing aids encounter a lot more moisture your hearing aids will be under a lot more strain, and could get clogged by sweat, dirt, dust, or earwax. A thorough cleaning and drying every day will prolong the life of your devices. Without this extra care, hearing aids will start to show damage, and after a few years the sensitive electronic components of your devices will wear out.

Latest Hearing Technology

Wondering when to get new hearing aids? If you’re on the fence, take a look at some of the latest hearing technology, and discover what modern devices can do for you. In the last 5 years hearing technology has improved dramatically, and you may find some features that could change the way you hear the world. Connectivity features will allow you to seamlessly stream audio from your phone or TV right to your ears, and rechargeable batteries can save you from fiddling with tiny batteries every few days. Music listening programs give music a rich, full sound, and the latest in background noise reduction and speech enhancement technology will reduce your listening effort and let you use your energy for the things you love.

Following Your Hearing Health Specialist’s Advice

Still wondering when to get new hearing aids? At Hearing Consultants, our team of hearing health specialists have been in the business for a long time, and we’ll help you make that decision. We perform hearing tests, and can examine your current devices to determine if your hearing aids are right for your hearing needs. A thorough cleaning and a few repairs could have your current devices working in tip top shape, and depending on the device, we can recalibrate it to match your current needs.

If you need new hearing aids, we have a wide selection of modern hearing technology to choose from, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect hearing aids to get you back to clear hearing.

Hearing Aids Keep You Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy

Hearing Aids Keep You Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy

If you’ve been considering getting your first pair of hearing aids, it’s time to turn that thought into a reality and take charge of your hearing health. A recent study found that hearing aids keep you happy, healthy, and wealthy, and hearing devices will increase your quality of life more than you could ever imagine. Living with untreated hearing loss, on the other hand, is associated with a lot of negative physical, social, and mental outcomes that you need to take immediate steps to avoid.

Hearing Aids Keep You Happy

Think about the last time you had a conversation with a loved one. Were you able to easily understand everything that they said, or did you struggle to follow the conversation? Did you ask them to repeat themselves, or just smile and nod along, and hope they wouldn’t notice that you weren’t able to understand them? Living with untreated hearing loss leads to a breakdown in your closest friendships and relationships, and has a huge impact on your social life. You may choose to stay home rather than join friends for dinner in a noisy restaurant where the background noise makes it difficult to hear, and find yourself becoming more isolated and lonelier. Those with hearing loss face higher rates of stress, anxiety, social isolation, and depression.

When you get hearing aids, you’ll reduce your listening fatigue, and you will be able to hear clearly without straining to understand what’s been said. You’ll enjoy the relationships in your life, make new connections, and remain actively involved in your community. Hearing aids improve relationships and increase your quality of life.

Hearing Aids Keep You Healthy

Hearing aids also play a role in your overall health and wellbeing. Hearing aid wearers report being less physically and mentally exhausted, and have energy for the things they love, even after a long day of work. When you use hearing aids, you won’t use all your energy struggling to hear, and can enjoy spending time out with friends, attending a concert, or pursuing a hobby you haven’t had time for recently. With hearing aids you’ll be more active, and spend more time outside. Those with hearing aids sleep better, get out of the house more, and have better mental health. They also have healthier brains, better memory, and good cognitive function, and can easily focus on tasks and accomplish goals. You’ll also reduce your risk of chronic conditions like insomnia, fatigue, and even dementia.

Hearing aids also save you quite a few trips to the hospital. Studies have found that those with untreated hearing loss spend thousands of dollars more in health care costs, experience more trips, slips, falls, and accidents, and visit their physicians far more often than those with clear hearing.

Hearing Aids Keep You Wealthy

Did you know that those who treat their hearing loss with hearing aids earn significantly higher salaries than those who don’t seek treatment for their hearing loss? Not only that, but more severe levels of hearing loss are associated with even lower salaries. This is because those with hearing loss struggle to communicate effectively at work, and have a hard time understanding in meetings or contributing to discussions. They’re more likely to feel confused, struggle to focus on tasks, and make more mistakes. Those with hearing loss are less likely to be promoted to a new position, and could even be fired. In fact, the rates of unemployment among those with untreated hearing loss is 83% higher than for those with normal hearing. Early retirement is also more common among those with hearing loss, and all these things together account for the lower average income among those with hearing loss.

Hearing aids keep you wealthy by allowing you to communicate easily with everyone, contribute expertise in your place of work, and maintain high quality standards. You’ll be able to work a few more years at the job you enjoy, and be valued for your accomplishments.

Hearing Consultants

Are you ready to make the right decision for your brain, body, and bank account? Visit us today at Hearing Consultants and learn just how hearing aids can keep you happy, healthy, and wealthy. We have a wide selection of some of the world’s top hearing aids, and we’re excited to help you find the perfect device that will help you hear in every listening environment.