Save Your Senses as You Age

Save Your Senses as You Age

As part of the normal aging process many of us experience changes in our senses, from seeing less to hearing less, or noticing changes in our ability to taste, smell, and touch. A study from the University of Chicago found that tens of millions of Americans have losses in one or more of their senses as they age. This leaves you at a higher risk of falling, developing health problems like social isolation and depression, or having lower activity levels and poor nutrition. But just because you’re getting a bit older is no reason to lose your senses or give up the things you love. There are lots of ways you can save your senses and keep enjoying life no matter your age.

Seeing Clearly

As you age, focusing can become more challenging as your eye’s lenses start to stiffen, and your risk of cataracts increases. You’ll find yourself straining to see unless the light is very bright, and you may even wear reading glasses. To save your sense of sight, make sure you’re exercising regularly to increase blood flow throughout the body. Using eyedrops may help you keep your eyes hydrated, and wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the damaging rays from the sun. It’s also a good idea to get yearly vision exams so you can get eye glasses when you notice changes in your vision.

Hearing Clearly

Just as eyesight begins to dim with age, a long life exposed to all the loud noises of work and leisure activities leaves hearing dulled. The delicate hair cells in your inner ear face damage, meaning some sounds in your environment never reach your ear. This usually affects high frequency sounds first, and you’ll notice it’s harder to hear your grandkids talking, or hear the birds singing outside the window. Another natural part of aging is some wear and tear in the brain, meaning some of the neural pathways in the brain that deal with hearing are affected. Even if your ear can hear all the sounds, your brain can’t process the signals.

Protecting Your Hearing

One of the most important things you can do to save your hearing is to wear ear protection. Whether sanding the deck, mowing the lawn, working on a noisy jobsite, or attending a concert, ear protection will save your senses. Get in the habit of wearing earplugs whenever you’re doing loud activities, and keep an extra pair of foam earplugs in your bag to have them on hand wherever you find yourself. Once you’ve lost your hearing due to exposure to loud noise, you’ll never get it back. Hearing aids help you hear again, but can’t restore the natural hearing you’ve lost. Don’t damage your hearing, but always wear ear protection!

Another way to protect your hearing and your other senses is to live a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy bodyweight and a nutrient rich diet will ensure healthy blood circulation throughout your body, keeping blood sugar levels stable and blood pressure low. This also keeps the cells in your ears and brain healthy, protecting your hearing for years to come.

Getting Hearing Aids

If you have trouble seeing you have no problem going to the optometrist and getting glasses. Why should hearing loss be any different? If you suffer from hearing loss, the best thing you can do so save your senses is getting hearing aids as soon as possible. When you’re not hearing clearly, the cells in the brain that process the sound you’re missing don’t have anything to do. They’ll soon die, or be recycled to perform some other function. This means that when you do get hearing aids, the cells needed to hear certain frequencies won’t be there, even if the ear is able to send the signals to the brain with the help of the hearing aid. Getting hearing aids when you first notice your hearing loss means that the treatment will be far more effective, and you’ll be able to save your senses, keep your brain active, and slow your hearing loss.

Visit us at Hearing Consultants to find the perfect hearing devices that will save your senses and get you back to hearing all the sounds you’ve been missing.

Oticon’s HearingFitness App Wins 2018 CES Award

Oticon's HearingFitness App Wins 2018 CES Award

Have you been wondering if your hearing aid is doing everything it can to help you hear, or if there’s anything else you need to know about your hearing health? Oticon has just released an exciting new app called the HearingFitness App that’s designed to help you get your ears in shape, and make sure your hearing aids are simplifying your life. The experts all love this revolutionary new technology, and the HearingFitness app recently won a 2018 CES Innovation Award.

How the App Works

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about your health and your hearing health, then this astounding new technology is for you. The HearingFitness App is the first of it’s kind dedicated to hearing fitness and helping you hear. Working with Oticon’s Opn line of hearing devices, the app tracks data on your hearing health, like how much you wear your hearing aid, your listening environments, and your listening fatigue.

Not only does the app track your hearing, it also collects data on a host of other health measurements, such as sleep cycles, heart rate, and activity levels. This means that by using a single app you’ll have a clear understanding of your overall health and wellbeing. Tracking these health markers means you’ll be able to see what needs improvement, and where you’re already healthy.

Brain First Technology

One of the things that makes Oticon so unique is their brain first approach to hearing loss. Rather than focusing on hearing loss at the level of the ear, they design hearing devices that help the brain hear better, reduce listening fatigue, and make sounds as natural as possible. Their BrainHearing technology, developed by researchers at the Eriksholm Research Centre, is designed to help the brain hear so that you can have energy to participate in the conversation without worrying about your hearing. The hearing aids analyze all the sounds around you, determine which sounds are important, and help you focus on what you want to hear. The HearingFitness App will also help Oticon further improve their hearing technology by sending data from the app back to Oticon for analysis of hearing aid use as well as user feedback.

Providing Encouragement

The app doesn’t just tell you about your health, it also provides valuable suggestions for ways to improve your hearing and your health. Using the app will help you hear better, know when you need to protect your hearing, and encourage you to make healthier choices.

Linking Dementia and Hearing Loss

Recent research has been discovering clear links between untreated hearing loss and dementia, and this is one of the factors that inspired the HearingFitness App. Living with untreated hearing loss is known to cause rapid cognitive decline. Those with hearing loss often face social isolation, choosing to stay home alone rather than go out with friends where they can’t follow conversations with all the background noise, and often feel upset or embarrassed when they aren’t able to understand what’s being said.  As Don Schum, Vic President of Audiology of Oticon points out, “a growing body of evidence is indicating that the social isolation brought on by untreated hearing loss is a big risk factor for dementia and that hearing aids may well help minimize that impact.” One way the HearingFitness App can help is to “encourage routine use of hearing aids and empower users with the feedback they need to take charge of their long-term health and well-being through healthy hearing habits today,” says Schum.

Winning a CES Innovation Award

Receiving a CES Innovation Award is high praise for the HearingFitness App, proving that Oticon is a global contender when it comes to leading consumer technologies. They exhibited at the CES 2018 showcase in January in Las Vegas, among the consumer electronics housed in a gallery for the 2018 award honorees.

Get your Hearing Device Today

Are you ready to try out Oticon’s newest technology for yourself? Visit us at Hearing Consultants to learn more about how Oticon’s HearingFitness App could change your life. We’ll do a hearing assessment, then work with you to find the hearing device that’s right for you. Start using the HeraingFitness App today, get the most out of your hearing, and make the choice to improve your health.

Great Things to Hear This Valentine’s Day in Cincinnati

Great Things to Hear This Valentine's Day in Cincinnati

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? This is the time of year to tell your loved one how you feel, and make sure they feel appreciated and loved. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day date, we have some suggestions for a few romantic evenings in Cincinnati you’re sure to enjoy.

Carmina Burana

One of the most romantic evenings this February is brought to you by the Cincinnati Ballet Company Dancers in partnership with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This is one performance you won’t want to miss, and you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking choreography by the world-famous choreographer Nicolo Fonte. Featuring the Symphony Orchestra and voices from the May Festival Chorus, two romantic and evocative pieces are brought to life. You’ll hear Balanchine’s beautiful Serenade, and Tchaikovsky’s gorgeous Serenade for Strings. With performances from February 8 to 11, you’ll be glad you caught this performance at the Springer Auditorium, and you might even spend the rest of the year talking about this magical performance.

The Stars in Your Eyes

What’s more romantic than a night under the stars? Take the love of your life (and your kids too) to the Wolff Planetarium at Trailside Nature Center on February 16 for an evening of love stories found in the stars. You’ll hear stories from all the seasons and learn more about the stars that are a symbol of romance and love.

Dancing with the Stars: Live! – Light Up the Night

If you love the show dancing with the stars, then book your ticket right away for this great night of music and dance that will have you dancing around your kitchen for the rest of the week. Brought to you at the Taft Theatre, this show follows the 25th season of Dancing With The Stars and is on the road around the country this winter. You’ll be treated to some of the best dancers in the country as they perform ballroom pieces, sexy salsas, romantic waltzes, and powerful group numbers. Choreography by the talented Mandy Moore will be everything you were hoping for and more. Does your loved one share your love of the show? If not, now is the perfect time to get them on board with a performance they won’t forget any time soon.

Ravel’s La Valse

You have two chances to hear some amazing music with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Join them on February 16 and 17 and hear the music come to life under the direction of Louis Langree. Pianist Jeffrey Kahane joins the orchestra to bring you a moving performance of some of classical music’s most romantic works. You’ll be treated to a masterful performance of Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 1 and Stravinsky’s Divertimento from The Fairy’s Kiss. Ravel’s La Valse is a whirling waltz that will leave you dizzy and delighted, and more in love with music than ever before.

Flint Eastwood

On February 13 head down to the Taft Ballroom for something a little different. Joined by Nydge and Effee, watch as Jax Anderson, who performs under the name Flint Eastwood, as she weaves her musical magic. Born and raised in Detroit, Eastwood is back in Cincinnati after being a crowd favorite at the Midpoint Music Festival back in September. She’s a powerful songstress who’s not afraid to push boundaries and tell it how it is. At least that’s what you’ll hear if you listen to Queen, her lead single from her 2017 EP. Her songs speak about being a woman, and deal with self-worth and bravely forging your own path. Join this indie-pop artist as she shares her heart with you this Valentine’s.

Flint Eastwood will also be joined by Effee, the solo project of Frances Litterski, as well as Nydge, another Detroit artist who’s popular single Won’t You Call Me has reached listeners across the country.

Can You Hear the Music?

With all these great Valentine’s events, you may be asking yourself if you can hear well enough to enjoy it. If the answer is no, then it’s time to plan a visit to Hearing Consultants for a hearing assessment and get fitted for a pair of hearing aids that will have you back to hearing and enjoying music like you used to. This year don’t just buy your loved one flowers but enjoy a great date night and hear all the sounds you’ve been missing.