Three Stages of Hearing Loss

Most people who suffer from hearing loss pass though three stages of impairment: mild, moderate and severe, each one characterized by its own set of symptoms.

The most transient stage, mild hearing loss, is the stage where resistance to hearing help begins, but the individual must be encouraged to have a hearing test and receive amplification and/or intervention. Studies show that when a loss is corrected at this early stage, basic hearing functions remain within the normal range.

During the second stage, when moderate hearing loss occurs, people can experience growing frustration. The emotional feelings of insecurity may lead to a gradual withdrawal from social relationships and activities.

The third phase, the severe hearing loss, can isolate them from their families, friends and social networks, and plunge them into depression. They may feel trapped in a hostile world, fending against what they perceive as disrespect and ridicule.

When people start to realize how critical the sense of hearing is to one’s quality of life, they will begin to take advantage of the wonderful hearing solutions awaiting them. Then, their lives can be enjoyed to the fullest.