Patient Testimonials

“Like many people, I put off getting hearing aids for all of the usual reasons. I was confused as to which technology was best for me and didn’t want to make a big investment only to be disappointed in the result. Then I visited Hearing Consultants. Hearing Consultants took the time to diagnose my specific hearing loss, understand my personal and professional needs and asked lots of questions about my lifestyle to be sure she understood what I was hoping to accomplish with hearing aids.

After all that, they still wanted to confirm their recommendation, so they programmed a pair of demo hearing aids specifically to my hearing loss and invited me to walk around for a while and even sent me into a nearby restaurant so I could experience background noise (simulating business meetings in crowded places…one of my major concerns). They took all the time necessary to make sure she made the best recommendation for me. I was never rushed or pressured to make a decision.

The result has been life altering. I have now been wearing my hearing aids for several months and only now am I beginning to realize how much I wasn’t hearing before. Hearing Consultants was not content to simply sell me hearing aids, they wanted to be sure that I was completely satisfied with them. Hearing Consultants called to check on me after only a couple of days and then had lots of question, on my follow up visit, so she could fine-tune my hearing aids.

If you have experienced hearing loss, you have nothing to lose…and everything to gain…by visiting Hearing Consultants. Just don’t put it off any longer!”


“Thanks so much for your time on Tuesday. Putting hearing devises on the client was most helpful. I suspect he will move much more quickly towards purchase. I am trying the “kind & gentle” prompts when I am helping him hear what is going on around him. I especially appreciate your willingness to allow my sister to sit in on the appointment. This spring she was diagnosed with nerve damage in right ear that resulted in significant hearing loss (doc has suggested resulting from undiagnosed sinus infection) and she has been progressing towards purchasing a hearing device. She has been so wigged out about it that at times she has been unable to process the information given. Sitting in on the client’s appointment was non-threatening – not personal – not panic inducing so she was able to get good info and let it sink in. She is going to try to locate new audiologist when she returns to NJ. First attempt of internet searching didn’t turn up anyone closer than an hour from her home. But she now feels confident about taking on the challenge to find someone she WANTS to work with. You get credit for inspiring that confidence.

Thanks for your patience and your help – I expect we’ll be seeing you in the near future.”


“After wearing the Widex UNIQUE 440 for 4 days. – ( Remember I was a VERY HAPPY Widex DREAM 440 user.)

The Unique 440 has made my listening and communication life better. All the benefits of the DREAM are there in UNIQUE, but now they are even better!

1. My first impression is more comfort with increased audibility in more situations.

2. I love the interface with both CallDEX and Uni-DEX.. The difference is now while talking on the phone while on the sidewalks of NYC, I can clearly hear conversations without having to set the DEX in the MIC off position.

3. Phone conversations are sharper, but not harsh.. more “audible”.

4. Restaurants – easier conversation with less perception of background noise. In direct comparison with DREAM, I find that with UNIQUE, I am less bothered by background conversations and much more relaxed during my table conversations.

5. Wind noise – This is really a major area of improvement. With UNIQUE, I can ride outside on the ferry and with no perception of microphone disturbance. Conversations are as easy in wind as it is not in wind.

6. Conversations in quiet are easy and the background environment is more subdued. This took a bit of getting used to, but the target of soft voice is there. This has helped with TV listening.

7. The MT position is much improved, because the open mic stays in the U program and keeps the environment at the right level. The DREAM sound always caused the open mic to make the background louder and I found it almost unusable in noise situations.

8. The Phone+ is now very usable. With the DREAM there was too much background noise and I found I could not use it.

I will be testing out different specific programs over the next week and report them back.”