Hearing Aids and Humidity

Hearing Aids and Humidity – Affecting performance and functionality

Damage to your hearing aids can be incurred from high heat or cold, which may adversely affect a hearing aid’s performance. Much of this damage is caused by the changes in temperature, which causes a condensation of moisture within the aid, rather than the temperature itself.

Anything wet, high humidity, perspiration, condensation, accidental immersion in a bath or pool can cause damage to a hearing aid and prevent it from functioning properly.

You should never leave your hearing aid(s) near a radiator, or AC, in a sunny window, or in the glove box of a hot car. Also do not try and dry the hearing aid by using a hair dryer, oven or any other external heat source.

Some preventative measures with Hearing Aids and Humidity

If you live in an area subject to high humidity or regularly engage in perspiration-inducing activities, consider buying some sort of DRI-AID kit. This is a small, inexpensive kit consisting of silica (desiccating) crystals in a jar. At night, after removing the battery, place the hearing aid down in the jar.

Protecting your hearing aids from moisture and humidity will prolong the life of the hearing aid and keep your hearing aids out of the repair shop and in your ears where they can do their job.