Hearing Aids And The Digital Revolution

As many of you know, we have been evaluating and fitting the fully digital hearing aids.  Digital hearing aids are now available in all styles, including the small completely in the canal style.  The response to this new technology has been excellent.

Digital hearing aids use a computer processor to make more than a million calculations per second to process and control incoming sound.  The microprocessor actually measures the pitch and loudness of the sounds and responds automatically.  The advantages we have seen include:

  • Easier to use because volume control is fully automatic;
  • Better hearing for soft sounds because the aids can be programmed for greater amplification of soft sounds;
  • Greater comfort for loud sounds because the aids can be programmed to automatically reduce amplification as sounds get louder;
  • More exact fit to a wide range of hearing loss patterns because of the microprocessor’s tremendous flexibility;
  • Improved speech clarity in both quiet and noise.