What is the best way to get used to my new hearing aids?

We recommend you wear your hearing aids in the quiet of your home for a few hours the first day and add an hour a day for each following day. Eventually you will wear your hearing aids most of your waking hours. Helpful Steps to Learning to Use a Hearing Aid: At first, wear your […]

We believe that hearing loss is a serious problem that deserves serious care.

A hearing loss makes it more difficult to meet new people, to enjoy social gatherings, to hear what’s funny in a joke. One of the hardest things about having a hearing loss is that other people just don’t understand. They can’t understand why sometimes you seem to hear fine, and other times not at all. […]

What is the best hearing aid on the market?

The best hearing device on the market depends on you. How much hearing loss do you have? How long have you been hearing impaired? Are you concerned the hearing aid may show? What is your lifestyle; are you active and involved in many activities, or are you more sedentary and relaxed? Do you want to […]

How can I help a hearing impaired person?

There are steps you can take to help someone with a hearing loss hear you better. Get the listener’s attention before you speak; call their name and wait for them to respond. Be sure to face the person when you are talking and be at a good distance (5-10 feet). Make sure you can see […]

Your Third Ear

Many of us have a third ear. You may not realize it; you may not use it all the time. Your third ear helps you out of a bind, clarifies for you what was just said, and repeats the punch line of a joke. Your third ear is usually a partner or close friend who […]

My ears itch. Is there anything I can do?

The ear canal is dark, warm and moist. People often over clean their ears in hopes of stopping the itch. For the most part ears are self-cleaning. They only need a little soap, water and a dry towel. Stop putting things in your ears! No more cotton swabs, keys, or paperclips. No more alcohol, peroxide, […]

My sister wants to clean my ears with a candle. Is this safe?

Ear candling is an often asked about ear cleaning method. To perform this procedure, the individual lies on their side and a cone-shaped object covered in wax is placed in the ear and is lit on fire. This allegedly creates a vacuum that draws impurities out of the ear. The act of ear candling is […]

Protect your hearing when around loud sounds

Loudness is measured in decibels (dB). As decibel level increases the length of time that you can safely hear without ear protection decreases. For example, sounds that are 90 dB can be dangerous to your ears if you are exposed to them for 8 hours or more. As the dB level increases by 5 the […]

How to Manage TV Volume

When I visit my parents, the TV volume is so loud I must leave the room. Is there a device that will keep the TV volume at a normal level, but also allow my parents to hear it comfortably? TV Ears is a wireless infrared system that consists of a headset and base/charger that sits […]

What is the normal life of a hearing aid battery?

How long your battery lasts will vary across brands, length of time worn, and by the type of technology in the hearing aid. Depending on the size of the battery and the power of the hearing aid, the battery may last between 3 days and four weeks. Once you remove the sticker from a battery […]

Myths and Facts of Hearing Loss

Myth: If I had a hearing impairment, certainly I would know it. Fact: Not necessarily. Often hearing loss develops gradually over time. Soft sounds are lost first, the refrigerator hum, the sound of a zipper. Losing the soft sounds may not be noticeable to you but when you begin to loose conversational sounds other people […]

Questions you may want to ask before you purchase hearing aids

Will my hearing be tested by a licensed audiologist, or by a hearing instrument specialist who has a high school diploma and sales training? Ask to see their credentials. Will I have more than one option to choose from, or do they represent only one manufacturer? Are routine hearing aid check-ups & cleanings provided at […]

I am getting a new cell phone. How do I make sure it is compatible with my hearing aids?

Cell phones create “Radio Frequency Emissions” when a call is placed. These emissions create an electromagnetic field, which hearing aids may or may not be able to shield. The electronics used for backlighting, display and circuit board can cause magnetic interference. Flip-up phones tend to work better with hearing aids because the electronics that cause […]

Dead Ear Information: What You Need to Know

First, no hearing aid restores normal hearing. Yes, there is a hearing device that is used when the hearing loss in one ear is too severe to benefit from a hearing aid. These devices are called CROS hearing systems. In a CROS hearing system, a device that looks like a hearing aid is placed on […]

If you suffer with hearing loss

Admit you have a problem. We need to be able to hear effectively to communicate with people. Your hearing loss and the mistakes you make are more conspicuous than wearing a pair of today’s miniature hearing aids. Acknowledge the problem that others already know exists and do something about it. Have you hearing tested by […]

Hearing Aid Care Information

Examine your hearing aids daily. Clean them if necessary with the tools you were given. Don’t use any sharp objects or toothpicks in the openings. Wipe them off with a soft cloth or tissue if slippery or wet. Don’t use hairspray while wearing hearing aids. Spray your hair before you put your hearing aids on, […]

Earwax Removal

Clearing The Way One of the most common causes of troubled hearing is a buildup of earwax or, in medical terms, cerumen.  Cerumen helps protect your sensitive eardrum by trapping dirt, sand, insects and other foreign substances. Earwax also repels water.  As a moisturizer, it helps prevent excessive dryness in the ear canal and on […]

Successful Hearing Aid Use

People naturally think that buying a good hearing aid is the first and last step to better hearing. But you can’t buy the ability to hear again. You can only relearn it. Improving your hearing is not just a matter of having the best technology that is available. Your brain has to adapt to the […]