Interacting in Group Settings with Hearing Loss

Good Communication If you have a friend or family member with hearing loss, you’ve probably found ways to adjust for improved one-on-one communication. Your tactics for good communication might differ depending on whether the individual is open about and/or aware of his or her hearing loss, or if you’ve just recognized it yourself. But group […]

5 HUGE reasons you should NOT buy your hearing aids at the same place you buy bulk toilet paper.

Life and Death.  OK, that’s over dramatic, but it is true that your hearing is part of your overall health.  I recently reviewed an audiogram that had been done by a warehouse store, and was alarmed that the patient hadn’t been referred on to a medical doctor – this person had the red flag signs […]

Are Hearing Aids Expensive?

Expensive is a relative term. The cost of hearing aids has actually decreased over time, when compared to the rate of inflation. Today, hearing aids range from approximately $1,000 to $4,000 each, depending on the technology selected. Several factors contribute to the cost of hearing aids, including: research and development costs; customization of each device […]

iPods and Hearing Loss

A Northwestern University audiologist and professor found more hearing loss in younger people with the use of iPods and earbud headphones that is similar to that found in aging adults. Earbuds are placed directly in the ear and can boost the sound signal by as much as six to nine decibels. It’s enough to cause […]

Tips and tricks: hearing in noisy environments

Hearing with background noise is one of the most challenging humps to get over for people with hearing aids – and it’s even difficult for people with normal hearing. There are many hearing aid features and settings that can help you deal with loud background noise that may be distracting, but there are also strategies […]

If You Suffer With Hearing Loss…

The main purpose for hearing is communication. We need to be able to hear and understand speech to effectively communicate. As we age, some of us experience a decline in our hearing ability. If left untreated, a hearing loss will eventually affect communication skills. We have identified Five Steps to Better Hearing. When followed, they can improve communication […]

How do I know if I have hearing loss?

Aging, hereditary, exposure to loud noise, medications, infections, or disease, can cause hearing Loss. It negatively impacts quality of life, personal relationships and, of course, the ability to communicate.  You may have a hearing loss if… You hear people speaking but have trouble understanding their words. You don’t laugh at jokes because you missed the […]

What good are the Roses…

What good are the Roses…If you can’t hear the sweet nothings? Valentines Day is here and therapists tell us that the best aphrodisiac in the world is effective communication. The impact of even mild hearing loss can make a partner seem remote and unresponsive, when in reality they just may not hear certain key phrases. […]

Musical Ear Syndrome

The Phantom Voices, Ethereal Music & Other Spooky Sounds Many Hard of Hearing People Secretly Experience © 2005 by Neil Bauman, Ph.D. “My wife hears music that is not there,” Harry writes. “The first song she heard was Silent Night sung by a very good choir of mostly men. It came in quite loud. A […]

8 Signs You Might Need a New Hearing Aid

Remember when you first got hearing aids? All the wonderful sounds you could hear again, including speech that was much easier to understand? If you have had your hearing aids for a while, are you sure you’re still hearing at your best? Here are 8 issues to consider when deciding whether it’s time for a […]

Resolve to Hear Better This Year

It is the beginning of another year and the resolutions that accompany it.  Is one or your resolutions to do something about your hearing?  Communication is the key to all human activities. One of the hardest things about having a hearing loss is that other people just don’t understand.  They can’t figure out why sometimes […]

I tried hearing aids once before and they didn’t work out. I’m ready to try again. What can I do differently this time to make it work?

To gain full benefit from hearing aids, you must be informed, have realistic expectations and patience. Seek help from a professional with whom you have confidence and trust. Ask questions. Identify environments where you have the most difficulty hearing. Your audiologist will recommend instruments most appropriate for your hearing loss and lifestyle. Be realistic. Remember […]

Protect Your Hearing When Around Loud Sounds

Loudness is measured in decibels (dB). As decibel level increases the length of time that you can safely hear without ear protection decreases. For example, sounds that are 90 dB can be dangerous to your ears if you are exposed to them for 8 hours or more. As the dB level increases by 5 the […]

Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act

Academy Announces Introduction of Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act in U.S. Senate Yesterday, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) introduced S. 1694, the Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act. This legislation provides a tax credit of up to $500 per device toward the purchase of a hearing aid, available once every […]

Become a “HEAR-O”

Just as eyeglasses are donated, so are hearing aids. Recycling old or no longer used hearing aids may seem like a small thing, but those hearing aids are very valuable to the Hear Now Foundation. All hearing aids regardless of make, model, age or condition can be recycled. All donations are tax deductible. The Hear […]

Special Gifts for Special People

The holiday season is just around the corner. We go to parties, family gatherings and other special events. Your hearing aids help you enjoy these special holiday events, even if these get-togethers are often noisy. Gift ideas for those who wear hearing aids or are hearing impaired begin at just $4.50 such as: a supply […]

Hearing Loss and Alzheimer’s

Strong evidence exists that hearing impairment contributes to the progression of cognitive dysfunction in older adults. Unmanaged hearing loss can interrupt the processing of spoken language, exhaust cognitive reserve, and lead to social isolation. When an individual has both Alzheimer’s and hearing loss, many of the symptoms of hearing loss can interact with those common […]

Hearing Helper

One of the most aggravating aspects of living with an individual with hearing loss, who is in denial (everyone mumbles they say), is constantly repeating yourself, speaking louder, or interpreting the world for them. Here is one very clever intervention. Explain to your loved one in a calm, loving voice: The family has had a […]

Take the self hearing test

A “yes” response to an item is awarded 4 points; “sometimes”, 2 points; and a “no”, 0 points. Does a hearing problem cause you to feel embarrassed when meeting new people? Does a hearing problem cause you to feel frustrated when talking to members of your family? Do you have difficulty hearing when someone speaks […]

Three Stages of Hearing Loss

Most people who suffer from hearing loss pass though three stages of impairment: mild, moderate and severe, each one characterized by its own set of symptoms. The most transient stage, mild hearing loss, is the stage where resistance to hearing help begins, but the individual must be encouraged to have a hearing test and receive […]